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Christine El-Fourti

My background is one of nursing with over thirty years experience of working in various areas of mental health, physical and learning disability, palliative care and eating disorders. My desire to work in this specialist field arose from my own personal struggle many years ago. As an independent within my private practice, I fully understand the unmet need for specialist treatment and understanding of the many aspects of eating distress.

I qualified at the University of Central Lancashire as a Person Centred Counsellor, and continued my professional development with the National Centre for Eating Disorders (UK's largest independent eating disorder service) where I trained for the Master Practitioner Programme.

I embrace a range of evidence based psychological therapies for all eating disorders, and offer a range of learning formats. I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and work within their ethical framework. I am also an affiliate member of the NCFED which works within accordance to the NICE guidelines (Approved by the Royal College of Psychiatrists - 2001).

Both the physical and emotional aspects of eating problems are addressed. I use a cognitive behavioural and educational approach to therapy, developing into a more creative and unique style, in addressing more complex and underlying issues.

Christine El-Fourti

Affiliate Practitioner of The National Centre For Eating Disorders

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