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Christine El-Fourti

Specialist in the treatment of eating disorders.

Is eating ruling your life ?..

..Or worried about someone close to you?

I specialise in the treatment of eating disorders such as Binge Eating, Failed Dieting, Food cravings, Bulimia and Anorexia.

Offering confidential 1-1 counselling in a secure, non judgemental environment. Allowing flexibility to work at your own pace, exploring both the physical and emotional aspects of your distress.

If you suffer from an eating disorder that is in control of your life and live in the Lancashire area, please feel free to contact me directly on the numbers below or alternatively send me an email.

Frequently Asked Questions...

..Do men have eating disorders ?

Eating disorders in men are less likely to be recognized or diagnosed by professionals, including GPs.

Weight loss is more likely to be attributed by themselves and professionals, to physical causes rather than to psychological ones.

There is considerable overlap between the risk elements and the age of onset in men and.....read more

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Christine El-Fourti

Affiliate Practitioner of The National Centre For Eating Disorders

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